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(Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

I had such a hard time with SIBO. I started to dread eating. With the help of my doctors and tools, I was able to overcome this. I no longer randomly look 6 months pregnant. What a joy it was to start enjoying food again. 😋



Raw food can make our bodies work harder so cooked food helps your body digest easier so your gut has more time to focus on healing.


Rawls' mentions reducing your eating window. He says if you’re grazing or snacking throughout the day, you’re not giving your irritated digestive tract a break and might be aggravating SIBO.

3. LOW FODMAP DIET (helped me so much)

I can not stress this tip enough.

**see product called called FODMATE below

4. GET PROPER SLEEP (Proper sleep is important for many reasons, including healing from SIBO. Avoiding eating too late as digestion takes time and can interfere with sleep.) Here is our SLEEP blog:

**Marty Ross

"Successful treatment involves

restoring proper functioning of the intestines, eating a healthy plant-based diet, removing the large intestine bacteria from the small intestines, and restoring good balance of bacteria and functioning of the intestines."

**Foods containing glutamine, curcumin, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids are mentioned as useful at alleviating intestinal inflammation present in SIBO.


Reminder: top brands used by top doctors is now available on special discount to save the Lyme community money. Anyone can sign up, even if you have a different higher priced fullscript.

25% off supplements here:


One of my favorite things to use. I have lots of experience using Atrantil. It is usually $40 dollars but you can get it for $30 above. Their website has tons of information on why it works for SIBO.



Many doctors recommend berberine to their patients with SIBO. Berberine is known to promote gut health by inhibiting the growth of intestinal microbes. There was a study done in 2014 where 104 patients diagnosed with SIBO used berberine. It was shown to be just as effective as the antibiotic Rifaximin at providing a negative SIBO test result.

Klaire or Integrative Therapeutics are good options for this and both 25% off too.



Adding bitters can help keep the digestive process going by taking it with every meal. It can relieve indigestion, soothe heartburn, help nausea, lower blood sugar levels, curb your sugar cravings and appetite, support your liver, ease stress and boost the immune system.

I was told to get the Wise Woman Herbals brand on Fullscript with the 25% off special account above.



There are many reports of Biocidin helping SIBO. Practitioners use it in their patients for several reasons. In regards to SIBO, Biocidin targets the entire GI tract, including unhealthy bacteria growing in the small intestines. It is also known for it's ability to help kill yeast and parasites. It is very expensive everywhere I have found so to get 25% off on this is a huge savings. Usually it is between $79-$88 but we can buy for $59.



SIBO can lead to a deficit in DAO. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down histamines in your digestive tract. I am told to take before meals. I have used both of the most popular products for this. Also an expensive supplement but both are on fullscript at 25% off. The brands are Diem and Seeking Health. Both are called Histamine Digest. I prefer Diem.



These simply help break down food and aid absorption, which helps reduce symptoms of SIBO. My doctor suggested I use the Integrative Therapeutics brand called Sensitive Stomach. I take this before meals in addition to the DAO mentioned above.

Enzyme note**

FODMATE product

"Microbiome Labs released FODMATE, an enzyme that naturally breaks down 95% of FODMAPs in the diet and can support a low-FODMAP protocol. A FODMATE enzyme can help when you cheat on your diet too when it comes to birthdays and holidays."

I found it at the discount fullscript.


All of these below are 25% off on above link.

1. *SPORE BASED top picks

Megaspore or Klaire Biospora.

2. *Saccharomyces boulardii

Designs for Health Floramyces


I use the Seeking Health Probiota HistaminX at bedtime.



This is a SIBO friendly low FODMAP fiber. It

mixes easily and doesn't cause bloating. My favorite. 25% off too.



WHEAT RESCUE (for cross contamination etc)

I haven't tried but worth mentioning.

Priority One brand has many SIBO products on Fullscript at discount too but I haven't tried those. If you have, let me know. I was afraid to add them here without any feedback.


"In Lyme disease, SIBO can develop due to disruption of good stomach and intestinal function caused by the Lyme and the tick-borne coinfections, side effects of medicines, and disruption of good bacteria balance from using herbal and prescription antibiotics."

"Likely the most common gastrointestinal disorder associated with Lyme disease and other tickborne infections is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). It is estimated 60-70% of people with Lyme disease have SIBO. The incidence of SIBO was as high as 81% in one gastrointestinal practice that screened patients for Lyme disease."

"Dr. Rahbar said that about 65% of his patients that tested positive for a tick borne illness also had an abnormal SIBO test result."

"Does your belly feel bloated more often than not? Is abdominal pain disrupting your life to the point where you have to curb your activities, change up the foods you eat, or trade button-up pants for stretchy ones with a comfy, elastic waistband?"

"As the spirochete bacteria evades treatment it causes chronic inflammation and immune dysregulation. And since 70-80% of your immune system is located in your gut, Lyme disease has a major impact on gut health."

"Whenever a patient says something along the lines of, “My stomach is flat in the morning but by nighttime, I feel and look like I’m six months pregnant,” Dr. Link immediately suspects SIBO."

"The manifestation of 3 or more gastrointestinal symptoms and/or 3 or more extraintestinal symptoms should raise suspicion for a vector-borne illness. Recognizing underlying VBI may improve our understanding of persistent infections, resultant immune dysregulation, and their contribution to chronic, complex illness."

Disclaimer: Rise Above Lyme makes no claims about any possible benefit of using any product mentioned within this site. Always consult with your doctor before adding anything. The information shared is based on personal experience, years of accumulated researched resources from Lyme Literate doctors and polls conducted within Lyme groups from actual patient experience using these solution ideas.


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