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View our top resources to stay informed and educated on Lyme Disease so you start your own path to healing and growth.


What is Chronic Lyme?

Persistent Lyme? Chronic Lyme? Persistent Symptoms? Persistent Bacteria? Learn more about Lyme Disease and how to heal.

Cardiologist Letter

Click below to download a letter to your cardiologist to help educate them on Lyme Disease.

Lyme Testing

Learn about Lyme Testing and take the Lyme questionnaire.

Symptoms & Issues

View the full list of symptoms and solutions on our Facebook support group.

Finding the Right Doctor

Find a Lyme Literate Doctor to help you access proper treatment. Check out our Facebook Group, click here, or click the link below.

Lyme in Every State

Learn about lyme disease across the states. Staying educated can help avoid unnessecary suffering.

New Bite

Most medical doctors do not treat sufficiently so click to print resource 1, 2, and 3 to take with you. This is extremely important.

Tick Bite Education

View all our information about tick bites, testing, repellent, treatment, and more.

Doctor Letter

Access a downloadable doctor letter you can use to educate your doctor on Lyme Disease.

Lyme Literate Doctors

Please be sure the doctor you choose has COMPLETED their ILADS training first. Seeking feedback in groups is also advised.

Newly Diagnosed

We know how hard the journey was that brought you here.  We are here to help.

TV Specials

TV specials, interviews and documentaries gathered on Lyme Disease for spreading awareness

Serendipity Nutrition: Gluten and Sugar Free Food Ideas

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