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The way the body detoxes is through respiration (BREATHING), perspiration (SWEATING) and elimination (USING THE RESTROOM).

When one or more of these pathways are working less than optimally, it can become extremely difficult - if not impossible - to heal. These means of detox are vital to your body and therefore your overall health.

As you work through your personal detox protocol, be very careful to avoid adding more toxins to your body through food and environment. Also avoid living in an environment with mold or using toxic chemicals in your home or on your body.

Please read the Facebook posts listed below on how to properly support your liver, kidneys and intestines throughout the detox process.




Below, you’ll find a list of detox options sourced from a member survey plus the addition of some of my personal favorites.

You are also encouraged to search our directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always consult with your physician before using any products or therapies mentioned on any site, as some patients have sensitivities or intolerances to certain ingredients or situations.

I will separate supplements from detox tools, and binders are listed separately.

I am NOT suggesting you use all of these, only sharing my experience and the survey results to help you understand those most used by patients.

We all have to find what works for our own body. I was always taught to do one thing at a time to make sure we know what we can tolerate.

Keep in mind that there are things beyond this list that people may use, but we have found these to be most common.


1. If you have access to a far infrared sauna, that would be an excellent addition to your routine. This is Dr. Horowitz's favorite method of detox. Always start slowly with just a few minutes at a time or you will herx and end up feeling worse!

2. Sauna mat with PEMF. I personally use the Healthyline mat, recommended by my LLND, as my sauna. And I consume an electrolyte packet beforehand to prevent electrolyte imbalance. You’ll find the mat as well as the electrolytes on the Ways to Save tab.

3. Gentle exercise such as walking.

4. Castor oil pack. Receive 25% off when using Fullscript.

5. Lymphatic drainage through massage, trampoline or vibration plate.

6. Epsom salt bath. (My doctor had me do a combo of epsom salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.) Never use HOT water, just warm. Find the detailed information and recipe under

DETOX BATH in our directory.

7. Dry brushing.

8. Breathe deeply several times a day. It is known that we release 70% of our toxins through our breath. Many breathing techniques can be found online. Make it a goal of 3 times per day.

9. Eat enough protein. A diet deficient in protein impairs detox pathways in the liver. See the curated collection of protein information on our Facebook page.


Most of these are available - at the best prices I have found - through Fullscript.


Glutathione is an important part of most of our protocols for good reason. It is a master detox agent and found in every cell of our body. Research has proven that Lyme and mycotoxin-related illnesses deplete our glutathione production. I've used it since Day One. Personally, I use Quicksilver and Results RNA spray for convenience, taste and cost. 25% off on Fullscript.


NAC is a precursor to glutathione and is often given when people cannot tolerate glutathione supplementation (i.e., if someone is sulfur sensitive). When it comes to NAC and glutathione, most Lyme patients take one or the other and some take both. NAC is 25% off on Fullscript.


I have used this trio of products for years and find it very effective for detoxing all major organs. I buy it through my doctor at a discount. If you are unable to find it at a good price, let me know and I can share how to access it through him.


I buy all my Nutramedix products on Fullscript unless there is a good sale elsewhere. I feel it saved me at my worst. It’s still amazing for me and I continue to use it daily. 20% off on Fullscript.


Dr. Horowitz's well-known herx-reducing recipe: 1500mg liposomal glutathione, juice of 1 lemon, 2 Alka Seltzer Gold in 8 oz. of water.


ALA helps increase glutathione levels inside our cells, which in turn enhances our own ability to detox from toxins and pollutants. It has been proven to bind to toxic metals to help remove them from the body. 25% off on Fullscript.


When you are constipated, reabsorption of toxins occurs. Various supplements can help you become or stay regular. I take this type of supplement alongside my binders as instructed. Sunfiber has been great for me because it’s low FODMAP, tasteless, and causes no bloating. My doctor has also had me use Blue Heron and Triphala many times. All of these are 25% off on Fullscript.


It’s important to understand what these are, the different options, and why Lyme doctors use them in their patients’ protocols.

The human body does have the ability to remove toxins, but when a toxic load gets too high, your body needs help - especially if you have Lyme and its co-infections.

Toxin binders are a powerful tool to help your body reduce toxin levels. They are called binders because they do just that: they bind the toxins in your body so they can be eliminated.

I haven’t seen one protocol that doesn't include them in some way. If you are treating and don't know what a binder is, please take note because they make a world of difference.

I personally take 2 or 3 different types of binders together twice a day, EVERY day. I have done this since the beginning and still do. Some people are surprised by this, but my Lyme doctor has always included them. I continue to heal and function, so I say the proof is in the pudding.

Caution: Binders can bind to nutrients as well as toxins, so they should be taken separate from food, supplements and medications. My doctor has me take them two hours away (before or after, especially when using charcoal) and I believe that is a good approach. Three hours is even better.

Binders can also cause constipation, so be sure to take them with plenty of water. I was taught you can even add magnesium citrate along with the binders to help with that.

One detox pitfall is dehydration. Many of us are chronically dehydrated, especially those with POTS. This issue becomes even more critical while detoxing because we need plenty of fluid in our bodies to flush out the toxins. Inadequate hydration during detox puts us in a bad place: As toxins are pulled out of organs, a dehydrated system cannot flush them out of the body entirely. Since binders can be constipating and you can NOT detox without enough fluids, be sure to drink . . . drink . . . drink.

Don’t forget regular exercise to improve your circulation. Most of us can only tolerate minimal exercise, but that is okay - we just need to move. It doesn't have to be much. But we must move so that the toxins can work their way out of our tissues and organs.

Let's start with the most basic binders that are commonly mentioned in support groups.


Activated charcoal is a broad-spectrum binder that will attract a little bit of everything. It’s extremely important to space this one away from foods, supplements and medications, and to limit its use.

It is very effective at removing most toxins generated from die-off or herx reactions when treating Lyme. It helps with mycotoxins, too. It’s amazing when you need it. It calmed my first and most horrible herx, and I have used it a ton because I’ve needed to.

This particular binder is best used in acute poisoning or chronic die-off situations. But do remember it will grab anything, bad or good, including nutrients - and it is not meant to be used every day for years.

Top brands of activated charcoal are always available for 25% off through the Rise Above Lyme discount on Fullscript.


Chlorella is blue-green algae rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and amino acids.

One of chlorella’s most significant health benefits is that it attaches to heavy metal toxins in our bodies. But because chlorella is actually a living organism, it binds only to toxic substances, not essential minerals. For this reason, it can be used long-term with no risk of nutritional deficiency.

It has been shown that chlorella benefits the entire body by supporting healthy hormone function and cardiovascular health, and even lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

I love chlorella and I've used it for years. I use broken or cracked-wall chlorella to get all the benefits. Some say pulverized chlorella has higher digestibility, but I haven't yet used that version, nor have I studied it.

Top brands of chlorella are always available for 25% off through the Rise Above Lyme discount on Fullscript.


Modified citrus pectin is manufactured from the inner white pulp of citrus fruit peels. This powdered fiber mops up biotoxins in the gut from mold, Lyme and co-infections, and binds mildly to metals. It also works great with other binders.

PectaSol C is backed by 65+ published papers showing unparalleled benefits in key areas of health. Aside from its benefits for detox, PectaSol C also supports the immune system, is anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, and has prebiotic effects that promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Oxidative stress throughout your body is calmed with regular use.

Since it does not bind to nutrients or minerals, it’s safe to consume long-term and in conjunction with meals. I use it daily with my other binders as instructed, and I used a ton of it when removing metal and root canals from my mouth. Love this stuff.

PectaSol C is always available for 25% off through the Rise Above Lyme discount on Fullscript.


Zeolite clay works on a wide variety of toxins by encapsulating them and taking them out of your body. It is effective for any toxin with a positive ionic charge, such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Zeolite clay absorbs such a large variety of toxins that it’s often used as a supplement for many inflammatory issues, including leaky gut, IBS, IBD, MCAS, CIRS (mold) and histamine intolerance. I used this for a while, but not as long as the other binders.

Some brands of zeolite are always available for 25% off through the Rise Above Lyme discount on Fullscript.


Yucca root has helped me so much with detoxing ammonia from the brain, which is common in Lyme. Ammonia is a big deal (I could even smell it), so it remained a part of my binder protocol for a long time. It helped my head symptoms, too. Occasionally when my head pain begins to bother me again, my doctor will have me increase it - and it always works. At times, when my ammonia issues were severe, he also had me use L-ornithine.

Top brands of yucca root are always available for 25% off through the Rise Above Lyme discount on Fullscript.


Bentonite clay binds with toxins electrically. When clay touches any type of fluid, it actually takes on a charge that causes it to bind to substances with a different charge. By doing this, the clay is able to help remove toxins, chemicals, impurities and heavy metals from the gut, skin and mouth. It is extremely common to use in mold detox protocols because it works so well.

I seem to tolerate many binders, but I did not do well with this one. It’s very popular, though, for many in the Lyme community.

Prescription binders such as cholestyramine, Welchol and more are available as well. Talk to your doctor about the potential benefits of including these in your treatment plan.

My doctor has always preferred that I take my binders separately as individual doses instead of taking a heavily marketed combination product. This allows better control over my dosing and then judging my sensitivities. Increasing just one ingredient as needed has saved me financially as well.

You can detox too fast, so going slow is strongly recommended when adding anything to your routine.

Disclaimer: Rise Above Lyme makes no claims about any possible benefit of using any product mentioned within this site. Always consult with your doctor before adding anything. The information shared is based on personal experience, years of accumulated researched resources from Lyme Literate doctors and polls conducted within Lyme groups from actual patient experience using these solution ideas.


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