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WORDS OF ADVICE (for someone recently diagnosed or treating and frustrated)

Reach out to others that understand. Don't join every group, stay only in compassionate ones that focus on solutions, success stories, humor and healing.

Empower yourself with education and solutions. This is how my friends and I run groups. I help this community because I know without a doubt I can help.

All I know is at one point in time, I genuinely felt there was no hope, I was convinced I would not survive, I could not have been worse or felt worse than I did....but I healed and continue to heal despite that.

My job in this world is to share my story because just telling it may be what someone needs to keep fighting.

There will be setbacks, sometimes you'll feel like you are going backwards. Healing from these diseases is complicated but it happens. It takes hope, it takes mindset.

Above all, you will be tested, but you can do this. You will come out on the other side different, a stronger version than you can ever imagine.

Hold on to Hope . You are worth fighting for. I promise it can and will get better. I will walk beside you until you believe that too. You will Rise Above. 🤜💚🤛

Check out two groups with recovery stories to give you hope.🥰




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