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We can help you find a properly trained Lyme Literate doctor who has a good reputation for helping patients heal.

A "lyme literate medical doctor" or LLMD is simply a doctor that has developed an interest in treating patients with lyme disease and its co-infections, usually from some firsthand experience with these diseases in themselves or their own family members.

LLMDs and LLNDs "lyme literate naturopathic doctor" come from all medical specialties prior to their intersection with Lyme. One popular LLMD was an OB/GYN in his prior practice, another a psychiatrist. What they all have in common is some experience with Lyme Disease that led them to want to get ILADS training. This ensures they are educated in the best understanding of these infections and the most common ways of treating them, based on ongoing research, clinical studies and sometimes just trial and error.

Other medical practitioners such as chiropractors and nurses also have an interest in treating lyme disease. Many do get ILADS training. These are referred to as "lyme literate" practitioners.

A LLND is who saved my life and put my daughter in remission. I personally love naturopathic doctors.

However, it is worth noting not all medical professionals who treat lyme are actually ILADS trained and therefore may not be using the best methods of treatment for their patients. And simply having joined ILADS and paid their dues does not ensure a practitioner has done any ILADS training. So when you are looking for a lyme practitioner you want to make sure they are not only a member of ILADS but that they have the training offered from them to treat by approved standards.

Facebook groups can offer the searching lyme patient lots of info, not all of it good or accurate. Be aware that even the most well meaning person can steer you in the direction of a doctor or practitioner that is actually bad at treating lyme, wasting your time and money. Certainly seek out opinions and personal experiences to aid you in choosing who to work with, but also measure that practitioner by whether or not he/she trained with an ILADS approved practitioner and which specific protocols he/she uses. We can help if you need a vetted name.

LLMDs, LLNDs and lyme literate practitioners are NOT all the same, so BUYER BEWARE. Remember, membership in ILADS is not proof any practitioner actually knows what they are doing. Make sure they have completed their training before making an appointment.

Read "How Can I Get Better?" by Dr. Richard Horowitz if you are at all interested in antibiotic regimens for treating chronic lyme so that you fully understand what a good antibiotic protocol looks like for which disease. Ask questions before scheduling with any practitioner to find out who they trained with, what methods they use for treatment, which labs they use. The more info you gather the more comfortable you can feel that you have chosen someone worthy of your time and money.

And lastly please know that no one doctor is right for every patient. Even "the best" won't be best for everyone. If you have been with a practitioner 12 to 15 months and you are not any better, something is clearly being missed. It may be time for fresh eyes on the problem. Don't be afraid to switch things up and try someone new if your current LLMD or lyme literate practitioner hasn't gotten you some gains.

Join here and create a post saying you need a lyme literate doctor and we will help you:


Lyme disease is in the Infectious Disease doctor category. When I first received all my results almost 10 years ago, I tried frantically to reach out to 25 different Infectious Disease doctors. My neurologist and cardiologist ALSO sent referrals. NONE of them would let me make an appointment, I mean every single one of them said either one of 3 things

"We arent allowed to treat Lyme"

"We cant see you in our office, yes we take your insurance but we aren't allowed to see you"

"Sorry, we can't treat Lyme"

Now... THIS IS THEIR AREA OF MEDICINE! But if you spend any time in the Lyme community, you will see the countless stories of Infectious disease doctors unwilling to treat, dismissing patient's symptoms or admitting they don't know how to treat. There are very few throughout the country educated on how to treat these complicated infections.

Even top institutions of Infectious Disease rejected my doctors referrals despite having positive labs for Lyme, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Babesia, Bartonella and Erhlichia. All of these are their category of medicine.

Denying to help people with a disease like this just because you don't know what to do is NOT an excuse. Cures are found by those that say "I'll try". They should be ashamed.


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