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Why am I passionate?

I felt inspired to do a post on this because I'm often questioned on my obsession with helping people and constantly trying to come up with other ideas that might help the lyme community. Many don't understand why I am like this.

I accept any interview on TV if asked, create doctor education letters to help patients stand up to dismissive doctors, make YouTube videos to educate about Lyme, find people ways to save people money in their treatments, beg for discounts to whoever will listen, find people doctors, donate to organizations that help patients, find people disability attorneys, teach them how to apply, developed a lyme literate therapist list, openly sharing my journey on what helped me in case it helps someone else, and lastly running 10+ support groups so people feel supported and find solutions .

We have done over 300 posts to educate and empower a suffering community left behind by the traditional medical field.

I'm sure you might understand if you read my story BUT something I don't share very often because it's very personal to me. But I want people to understand me better. My whys.

During my hardest parts of treatment (PICC lines 3 IVs a day yadda yadda), nurse visits every week and experiencing my worst symptoms, I was faced with having family members diagnosed. Me.. the sick person had to take charge and help them. I was the one who understood this disease, how to treat, how to detox etc. But I was sick and devastated. I had to believe I could heal so they would believe.

I am determined to make a difference and to help in ANY and ALL ways I think of. I care because I understand. I am determined to make Lyme patients lives easier because I am one. Last year, more of my family members were diagnosed. Now a baby in my family as well. I am traumatized by another diagnosis close to me.

SOOO if I look like a crazy lyme advocate that is online too much, talks about a lyme too much. This is how I cope with having this disease all around me. I will be the change. I will keep finding ways to help you because I am lost if I don't.

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