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Many have asked what I have done in my journey to heal. I finally typed it up. I'm the first to say it's a combination of things and choices I've made throughout the years that got me here. I do feel certain things made a significant impact in moving me forward. Most of the things I believe in exist within this group. I share everything I've tried or still use. We also share things I havent tried because they work for others.

One of the biggest reasons the groups and website were created was to provide hope by empowering us with options through education with a focus on solutions.

These are just a few private pictures I took that I didn't intend on ever sharing. Not super comfortable sharing them but vulnerability is ok. It is a small glimpse, and only a small glimpse of a few moments. I have been to hell and back. I feel the things I chose moved me forward. I regret nothing in what I have chose or didn't choose. I followed my instincts. I am not saying my way is the way. I am not saying this will heal you. I am not saying other methods are better or worse. I am simply an open book and if sharing what I did helps you then I'm not going to be quiet about it.

Am I in perfect health? NO. Do I have bad days? YES. But .....

I have a life now.

I am a mother again.

I am a wife again.

I am a daughter again.

I am a sister again.

I am a friend to many.

I do things in the world again.

I laugh a lot.

I am drastically better.

I choose things that bring joy.

I protect myself.

Have I changed? For sure I have. I am extremely strong and I know it. Hell I had to be strong enough to treat my own child during my own battle. I had to be strong to set an example.

I am resilient.

I know who I am without a doubt. I have Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever, Babesia, Bartonella, Erhlichia, TBRF and several more. I was bedridden with the worst symptoms a human should ever have to experience. I assure you I was severe. Here is my list.

Hopefully I am remembering everything . Not in perfect order.

1. Got a LLND

2.. 18 months of IV antibiotics (plus 6 months oral)

3.. I took supplements and herbals throughout treatment and still take things.

4. I removed root canals and metals

5. Went to all natural protocol as soon as stable

6. I addressed mold

7. I address parasites

8. I always work on viruses.

9. Gut health also a focus throughout

10. Consistantly address immune system, detox and inflammation. Super important




11. Added PEMF, infrared photon mat

12. Added gentle exercise

13. Fixed regularity

14. Added WAVE 1 frequency device

15. Established regular therapy sessions


💚I let go of false friendships early on. I held on to the people that stood by me and let the rest go. I let go of anyone who judged me or didnt believe me.

💚 I do not stay with dismissive doctors. They get fired. I will not let them dismiss me ever again.

💚 I did advocacy work throughout to give me purpose and to fight back.

💚I do not engage in negativity and avoid at all costs.

💚I am always seeking peace and joy wherever I can.

I'll edit as I add or remember things.

All of these things contributed to my healing and improving symptoms for me. Each thing I did moved me forward in some way. I regret nothing. 🤜💚🤛


I grabbed some of my symptoms from an advocacy post I did when I was sharing my suffering to educate the public years ago. I felt I should go through this list and check off what symptoms have went away. Keep in mind I suffered for years before treatment. Pretty amazing reminder.

EXTREME migratory body pain ...GONE

Head pressure at back of skull..GONE

Electrical ice pick stabbing in head..GONE

Jaw pressure...GONE

Brain swelling ..GONE

Vertigo ..GONE

Inability to walk at times...GONE


Tremors...GONE (Unless I have a POTS scare)

Nausea...Every once in awhile

General flu like feeling daily..GONE

Ear ringing...RARE

Sound and light sensitivity..GONE

Visual disturbances...GONE

102 fever lasting over 3 months..GONE

Shocking nerve pain *stabbing...GONE

Seizures with inability to communicate...GONE

Memory problems, severe and scary..GONE

Fatigue requires long naps daily to function...OCCASIONAL NAPS

Random sweating from co infections...hormonal now lol

POTS *heart condition...COMPLETELY MANAGED 95% of time

Anxiety triggered by severe symptoms...GONE

Suicidal ideation..GONE

Anemia every 6 months...GONE

Endocrine problems *multiple...MANAGING SLIGHT THYROID ISSUES

Emotional trauma (medical PTSD)...THERAPY HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY, I still work on this every week. I have made great progress and am dramatically different in this area.

Hold on to hope💚

Please see my WHY AM I PASSIONATE blog



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