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Once you are actually a person impacted by the horror and disability lyme can create, you realize quickly how little help there is available to you. Doctors that deny to help people with a disease just because they don't know what to do is NOT an excuse. Solutions are only found by those that say "I'll try". Others who won't try should be ashamed.

Please feel free to use my Dear Doctor letter or cardiologist letter at the bottom of this post. Email it to them so they can read the links. Fire dismissive doctors. Keep the ones that at least try.

Take your power back by being your own health advocate. You are worth fighting for. Jessica

"The bottom line is, when it comes to Lyme disease, the days of going to a doctor and taking his or her full advice and getting a simple treatment with the outcome of complete recovery are over.

"Some doctors were frustrated with the time and effort involved in taking care of these patients. “Clinical encounters with these patients were described as time consuming and difficult.”

"So doctors repeatedly dismissed his symptoms as being due to stress. Spector explains, “Heaven help the patient whose diagnostic tests do not point to a specific disease. They are likely to end up neglected by the very system that was designed to help them.”

"All of these aspects undermine the credibility of guidelines and permit personal bias to determine the care of patients -- the very problem that evidence-based guidelines are intended to avoid. Indeed, these deficiencies may undermine the ethical foundation of medicine, which requires 'physicians to put the needs of patients ahead of personal gain, to deal with patients honestly, competently, and compassionately, and to avoid conflicts of interest that could undermine public trust in the altruism of medicine."!po=0.349650

"Women speak out about how doctors dismissed their

pain, downplayed their symptoms or simply

sent them to a psychiatrist."

"Or we’re told it’s just stress, or a touch of the flu, or a common childhood illness? Or the worst dismissal heard by so many: it’s all in your head?"

"One of the most frustrating things about dismissive doctors is when they decide that, because your tests aren’t showing anything is wrong, the problem must all be in your head."

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Dismissive doctor video

Use this to send them:

"We are thankful that the jury held Mercy Hospital and Dr. Henson accountable for the needless and tragic death of young Peter Smith. Peter's family will be grieving his loss forever. They have some solace in knowing that justice has occurred and hope that this verdict helps to prevent this kind of negligence and wrongful death from happening to anyone else."

Dear doctor letter

Cardiologist letter

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