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I dealt with so much depression and anxiety in the years before I was diagnosed as well as during treatment. I had multiple doctors offer me anti depressants instead of looking deeper into the root cause.

I rarely have issues now so remember there is hope as you treat these infections.

Here are the most mentioned when researching possible solutions. Each one has an in depth post on why and how it works.




B VITAMINS (deficiency link)

CBD (40 or 50mg)



L-THEANINE (love this one)



MOOD TONIC (I love this one)




SUNNY MOODS (a personal favorite)

VITAMIN D through sun and cod liver oil

ZINC (Deficiency linked to depression)

Top brand supplements and herbals found for 25% off here:

More ideas:



Kava root


Lemon balm

Passion flower



ALBEEZA (My LLND suggests this also)



I have worked very hard on developing a list over several years. I have so many options in various states. Let me know if you need a name. Hopefully I have one for your state. I will continue to work on building this list.

I ALWAYS want more names, so if you are one or have a great one, please message me.

Learn more about depression and anxiety when you have Lyme:

"Some are also told all of the symptoms they experience with Lyme disease are somatic or in their heads and that essentially they are crazy. These diagnosis and opinions are incorrect. Wrongly, doctors who do not understand or who deny chronic Lyme disease say that problems with the illness are solvable with a good counselor and psychiatric medications."

"Recently, we talked with Kerry about the effects of trauma, especially medical trauma endured by many patients as they try to navigate the healthcare system and nervous system dysregulation in Lyme disease. Here’s what she had to say — and how simple exercises can help you “unstick” your nervous system and experience a greater sense of calm and wellbeing no matter what the source of the trauma."

“Maybe you’re just depressed.” It’s a line many Lyme patients have heard from family, friends, co-workers, and even physicians. Particularly for those struggling with undiagnosed Lyme disease, this suggestion is a popular “answer” when patients don’t otherwise fit into an easy diagnostic box."

"Patients in my practice who score high on standardized tests for depression and anxiety often return to near normal scores when their Lyme disease and co-infections are treated successfully."



I admit I tend to be more of a hyper person and my nervous system can get wound up very easily. Part of this is just my personality and the other is from the effects of Lyme and how it effects the autonomic nervous system. Not to mention trauma from the disease.

My therapist gave me some simple advice before a trip to reduce anxiety and stay calm. Seems like simple advice and maybe it isn't new but for me it was. It has been HUGE for me. I find I am still using it and it helps my nervous system.

She said GO SLOW, move slower, talk slower, be in a slow motion kinda feeling. I visualize a sloth lol. 2 days ago I decided to declutter my closet, I did it slow. I'm not perfect and forget sometimes but I'm 50% slower. Do things take longer? Yes BUT totally worth it.

No one noticed my slow approach because honestly maybe this is how most people live and I'm just adjusting lol

I am focusing on when I talk, to slow down even if I have a lot to say. It is amazing to realize how I contributed to how revved up my nervous system was. How rushed I always felt and how fast I tried to do things. I fed my body the fast pace. Now I feel more in control and calm.

Disclaimer: Rise Above Lyme makes no claims about any possible benefit of using any product mentioned within this site. Always consult with your doctor before adding anything. The information shared is based on personal experience, years of accumulated researched resources from Lyme Literate doctors and polls conducted within Lyme groups from actual patient experience using these solution ideas.


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