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DISTRACTIONS were important to me during my worst days of treating and suffering. (Please also check out of HEALTHY MINDSET WHILE HEALING post linked below)

The tools I used and still use:

1. A simple hobby that you can do sitting. Even if it is coloring. Writing poems....

2. Advocacy online has always empowered me and was a good distraction too.

3. Jigsaw puzzles. Man I love puzzles, they helped my brain too.

4. Healthy mindset tools like meditation apps.

5. Lots of rest and seek anything that brings joy or humor. Anything. Watching comedies...

6. I found researching solutions helpful. Like researching an herb or essential oil to learn about it etc. I did NOT find researching medical conditions helpful. That just scared me.

7. Connecting to others with positive vibes. Be watchful of spending too much time around sadness. Seek positive companionship as much as possible. Doing this helped distract me from how I felt. I still focus on this. I'm easily effected by negetavity personally.

8. Play Bananagrams by yourself. Lol.

9. Spend time reading success stories and remission stories. There are a ton. I can help you find them. 😘

Those were mine. I hope they help you.


Disclaimer: Rise Above Lyme makes no claims about any possible benefit of using any product mentioned within this site. Always consult with your doctor before adding anything. The information shared is based on personal experience, years of accumulated researched resources from Lyme Literate doctors and polls conducted within Lyme groups from actual patient experience using these solution ideas.


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