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Hold on to Hope

Rise Above Lyme: A Community of Hope, Support, & Advocacy 


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About Us

Rise Above Lyme is an initiative dedicated to helping those suffering from Lyme disease and its related co-infections. Through our online support groups and compilation of verified resources, we aim to provide those suffering with hope, comfort, and advocacy. 

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Personal Experience

Our founder, Jessica, personally suffers from Lyme disease. After years of trial and error with treatments, lifestyle and diet changes, Jessica has vastly improved her health and started Rise Above Lyme to help others suffering.

Support Community

We offer several types of online support groups for those suffering from Lyme disease and its related co-infections. We also provide assistance in promoting fundraisers, directing members to useful resources, and helping families of newly diagnosed members understand what their loved one is going through.

Instilling Hope

We believe in boosting our members up with hope for treatment. We don't want to focus on the problems we face, but rather focus on solutions to resolve those issues.  Many patients feel empowered with this change in focus. 

Learn About Lyme


Symptoms & Solutions

Learn about common symptoms of Lyme Disease and possible solutions.



View our top resources and information to help you understand Lyme Disease.

Ways To Save


View top discounts and deals to help you manage your symptoms of Lyme Disease.

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Symptoms & Solutions

The most common symptoms and top mentioned solutions.  This is an accumulation of years of researching respected Lyme literate doctor resources as well as polls conducted in Lyme Support Groups when patients were asked what is used in their protocols recommended by their Lyme literate doctors.*



Learn more about Lyme Disease to help you stay informed, supported, and guided through your path to recovery. View our top resources to stay informed & educated on Lyme Disease so you start your own path to healing and growth, our full list of compiled resources and information from A - Z, an easy to navigate A-Z supplement directory to look up most any supplement you want to learn about, and watch our top videos to find inspiration and continued healing through support, education and advocacy.

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Ways to Save

It is our goal to not only inform you on different options when treating, but also help you save on those treatments.  Even if they are not listed within the site, you can still access discounts on a variety of things through our efforts. Here are the most significant savings we have found on ways to save. If you need help accessing better prices on something not available within our list below, simply email us and we will do our best to help. 

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There will be setbacks, sometimes you'll feel like you are going backwards.  Healing from these diseases is complicated but it happens.  It takes hope, it takes mindset. 

Jessica Devine

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Support Groups

Rise Above Lyme has several Facebook groups to guide, encourage and support you.  Our groups are filled with people who understand exactly what you face.  

Click the link below to learn more about our groups so you can join our community.


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